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 930 W. Hefner Rd.
Oklahoma City, OK 73114
Phone: 405.607.4422

  • Feline only - no barking or yapping to upset your kitty, only quiet soothing atmosphere

  • Each suite is equipped with cat tree, full sized litter box and stainless steel food and water dishes. They also have plenty of room for your kitty's own bedding if you wish to bring it

  • Short and long term boarding available as well as daycare

  • Suites can accommodate a single guest or an entire feline family, only cats from same household stay together

  • Extra amenities can be added such as a water fountain or heated bed

  • Tours welcome

  • Open for boarding on all major holidays.*

  •                                                             *We do ask that you do not drop off or pick up on Sundays or Holidays. Additional charge of $15.00 for Sunday and Holiday pickup.


    It is generally accepted that pets will experience less stress during a visit if they can remain on their regular diet. You are invited to bring a sufficient supply of your pets regular food in the original bag or a sealed container labeled with his/her name. We will provide your pet with sanitary stainless steel dishware for food and water. If you prefer, we can provide your kitty with the same quality premium dry food we feed our own pets.

    We believe there is no such thing as "too clean." We ensure the highest level of sanitation. Each litter box, litter scoop, food and water bowls, (specific to each suite) are thoroughly disinfected with a mild bleach solution between each guest's stay.

    During their stay, the litter box is scooped several times daily. Aristocats uses regular and scoopable litter. If there is any reason your cat uses a different litter, please let us know and we will try to accommodate their wishes. Also, because kitties are particular when it comes to their drinking water, each water bowl is cleaned daily and refilled with fresh water.

    Water fountains that filter the water constantly can be added as an amenity.

    Each suite is cleaned daily. Also, the hard surfaces are disinfected and any soiled bedding is cleaned. All soft surfaces, including cat trees, kitty beds and blankets are cleaned or laundered between guests or weekly, in the case of long-term guests.

    Only cats from the same family are allowed to mingle with one another.

    What to Bring
    Our guest's comfort is very important to us. Therefore, you are welcome and encouraged to bring an item from home your cat is familiar with in order to help him/her relax. We suggest you bring your cat to the hotel in a carrier for his/her safety.





    Additional cat in same suite

    Three or more same suite




    Additional cat in daycare

    Water Fountain

    Heated Bed

    Sunday / Holiday Pickup Charge

    $18 (without window) $23 per night (with window)

    $10 per night

    $8 per cat per night

    $1 per night

    $2 per night

    $12 per day

    $5 per day

    $5 per stay

    $5 per stay


    Our closing time is 5pm but we will stay until 5:30pm if you notify us ahead of time. However, we charge an additional $10.00 for every 30 minutes after 5:30pm.

    Prices subject to Change

    To save time you can fill out the needed forms and bring them in.
      Please note, you only need to fill out the Client Information form once. This form is kept on file for your convenience


    Client Information Form Boarding Authorization Form


    Business Hours 

    Monday - Friday
    7:30 am to 5 pm

    9:00 am to 12:00 pm

    Tours available Monday thru Friday just give us a call