Boarding Authorization

Date: ___________________

Client Name: ___________________________________________________________

Guest(s) Name(s): _________________________________________________________________

Suite Type: Standard ($18) Garden ($23)

Check In: Date __________  Check Out: Date ___________

Amenities: Would guest like Water Fountain ____________ Heated Bed _____________

Emergency Contact Name: ________________________________________________________

Emergency Contact Number: _____________________________________________

* All Cats Must Be Free Of Fleas* Advantage will be applied at owners expense if fleas are found

My Cat is treated for fleas every month with ________________________________

Date of last application _________________

My Cat(s) eat Dry Only _______________ Dry & Canned ________________

I have provided my catís own food: ____________________________________________________

Special Dietary Instructions: __________________________________________________________

My cat takes medicine (Y/N) ___________ Instructions for medications: __________________________________________________

Guestís toys or bedding brought to Aristocats _______________________________________________

____ Please groom my cat(s) (Please specify)  ____________________________________________________________________

In the case of an emergency, Aristocats is authorized to contact my Veterinarian listed on my client information sheet for any necessary medical need. Aristocats will not be held responsible for any Veterinary costs incurred. I fully intend to pick up my cat(s) on the date stated above.

Signature   Date